Programme Committee

Sam Nicholls

3rd Year PhD Student, Aberystwyth

Trying to recover metagenomic haplotypes. I should be writing. I like telling computers to do things, statistics, fries, and owls.

metagenomics haplotypes software

Jess Friedersdorff

1st Year PhD Student, Aberystwyth

First year PhD, still enthusiastic and believes in science. I like boardgaming and biology, and love it when they're combined.

bacteriophages microbiomes wet lab

Luke Slater

2nd Year PhD Student, Birmingham

Working with bio-ontology and clinical bioinformatics. Enjoys tea, books, and repeating 'multi-modal data integration!'.

ontology translational medicine computer science

Nazeefa Fatima

MSc Student, Sweden

Interested in studying choanoflagellate species. Enjoys travelling, science outreach, and creating lists.

protists genomics ISCB